Are you a Small Business or thinking about starting a Small Business? Are you irritated with or concerned about the Bookkeeping you must do? Let us do it! We'll do it Right, the First Time, and it's Painless for You!


We have been helping Small Business Owners in the Bismarck area for over 36 years. We have numerous local references for our efficiency, promptness, affordability, and a caring attitude.


Invoices/Sales: We summarize your income from cash register tapes, sales journals, or from your paid invoices. You will know whereyour money is coming from.

Checkbook: We summarize your checkbook into your various purchase and expense categories. You will know where your money is going.

Bank Reconciliation: We reconcile your bank account promptly on receipt of your most recent bank statement. No check book surprises!

Paychecks: Two options!
You Write the Checks. We record each paycheck from your checkbook by employee by each earnings & deduction category.

We Write the Checks. You tell us the hours each employee worked. We calculate and issue the paychecks.

Either Way: We prepare quarterly state and federal tax reports.
We prepare annual state and federal tax reports, print your W2's.

Payables: If you wish, we will keep track of your Accounts Payable, and issue checks to your vendors

Financial Consulting: We will consult with you, based on the information in the Financial Statements, and based on our 31 years of working with Small Business financial concerns, how you might get more benefit from the hours and dedication you invest in your business.

Pick & Choose: You decide which of the services above you want us to perform for you. You pay only for those services that youdon't want to perform for yourself.

Courtesy & Reliability

    * We treat you with the respect that you expect, and that is due to you.
    * We treat your time with respect, knowing the pressures of Small Business.
    * We keep our appointments.
    * We hit our deadlines.
    * We do our job so you get no nasty "surprises".

Special Information for Startups

Start out right! Start with the correct books and records. It is so much easier than going back over months and years worth of records to "fix things". We get you started correctly. Then you can decide which of our services you want to continue, and which you would prefer to do for yourself.

If you are a Small Business Owner or are getting ready to start a Small Business and don't want to spend the time and the frustration to deal with all of the bookkeeping chores, trust us to do it for you! Call or e-mail us, now!


Bismarck Small Business Startup

V. J. Spaedy & Company
209 N 24th St
Suite 100
Bismarck, ND 58501

Ph:   701-258-0177
Cell: 701-391-0126
Fax: 701-258-0165

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