Are you an Association, Foundation, Church Organization, Civic Group? A 501C(3) Organization of any kind?

We know your special challenges and have developed specific solutions for them. Trust us to perform the services you need!

We have over 36 years experience in serving Non Profit Organizations. We have many local references as to our knowledge, reliability, promptness, and accuracy.

    * We manage Membership Lists, Client Lists, Contributor Lists.
    * We manage and fully account for Pledge Programs.
    * We pay the bills.
    * We prepare payroll checks and payroll reports.
    * We prepare the 990 Tax Return.
    * We prepare timely, accurate, properly formatted Financial Statements.
    * We prepare the books ready for Audit - cut your Auditing Costs!

You choose just those services that you want us to perform.

If you are a Non Profit Organization and want the most experienced,knowledgeable professional to help keep you current and out of "trouble" call or e-mail us, now!


Bismarck Non-Profit Accounting Software

V. J. Spaedy & Company
209 N 24th St
Suite 100
Bismarck, ND 58501

Ph:   701-258-0177
Cell: 701-391-0126
Fax: 701-258-0165

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